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Welcome to ye 'ol Island Raiders

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Feast yer eyes on this awesome video walkthrough!

Embark on an Epic Journey

Will you be the most notorious pirate of the land?

Find Buried Treasure, walk with infamous pirates and prevent your fellow Buccaneers from forcing you to "Walk the Plank!". Raid islands and collect resources all while looting jewels from the other players to eventually become the most notorious Island Raider of the seven seas!

Ah, Tabletop Games...

Bringing a little social interaction back into our days!
Here's some more information on the Island Raiders:

2-6 Players

Invite some friends or your neighbors and let's play!

~30 Minutes

C'mon...you probably just spent that much time on Facebook. ;)

Ages 12+

We'll admit it's a little bit more intense than say...Go Fish.


You know everyone loves a good 'ol scalywaggin' Pirate Game!

Be the best Island Raider!

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